Social Science Question Paper 2021 Class 10

Social Science Question Paper 2021 Class 10

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Hello Friends Welcome To my Web Site The Question Paper Is Social science Of the 2021 Year And Also Contact Me for More Questions Papers For Any Subject Best Of Luck

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1. State the main reason for the weavers to revolt against contractors in Silesia, in 1815

2. In which place Mahatma Gandhi organized satyagraha for the East time m India? 

3. Which has been the major source of foreign exchange for the IT industry?

4. What is the aim of ‘eectional interest groups“? 

5. State any one facility that is offered by the ‘Election Commission to a recognized party. 

6. State any one example of outcomes of a democracy that produces an accountable government. 

7. State any one formal source of credit. 

8. What do you understand by collateral? 

9. How did the local population in the areas conquered by Napoleon react to the French ' ule? Explain. 

10. Explain the idea of Satyagraha according to Gandhiji. 

11. Describe any three suppressive measures taken by the British administration to tamp down on nationalists. 

12. Why is the energy required for all activities? How can energy be generated? Explain. 

13. How do the means of transport and communication play an important role in the economic development of the country? Explain. 


14. “Environmental degradation has been seen everywhere.” Explain any three value“ at ban help to prevent environmental degradation. 

15. Why do we need political parties? Explain. 

16. How are popular struggles integral to the working democracy? Explain with Sample of Bolivia's struggle against the privatization of water. 

17, How is democratic government known as responsive government? Explain 

18. How does money solve the problem of double coincidence of wants? Explain

19. How has information and communication technology stimulated the globalization process? explain with examples. 

20. How has a three-tier quasi-judicial machinery been set up for redressal of 00118qu disputes? Explain. 

21. Explain any five social and administrative reforms introduced by Napoleon in the region under his control.

22. How could non-cooperation become a movement? Explain with examples. 

23. Why is conservation of minerals essential? Explain any four measures to conserve minerals. 

24. “Agriculture and industry are complementary to each other.” Explain. 

25. How has the struggle of the Nepali people become a source of inspiration to Democrats over the world? Explain. 

26. Why cannot modem democracies exist without political parties? 

27. Explain the role of multinational corporations in the globalization process. 

28. How do exploitations of consumers take place in the market? Explain with five facts.